Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Actors must always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen

You have to be an optimist to be an actor. You get great reviews in a play, or your film wins an award, and then for months you get nothing and begin to wonder if you're on anyone's radar.

What keeps me going through the down times is the persistent belief that something wonderful is about to happen. Like now, for instance. For the past week I've been obsessed with organizing the house. Clearing out closets and attic storerooms. Hauling unused items to the thrift store, junk to the dump, trash to the curb. Cleaning out the basement and setting up a space to tape auditions. The last time I felt this obsessed with the nest I went into labor!

So what else is about to pop? A few nights ago I had this dream. I can't remember most of it, only the end where I walk to a picture window, pull back the drapes, and gaze up at that hill that has the #Hollywood sign on it. Only in my dream, instead of "Hollywood" it has "2014" in great big numbers.  Not sure what it means, but it felt way cool.

Auditions next week for a short film and an Equity play. Also lunch with my actress group. Feeling optimistic.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Look out L.A., I'm heading for the WebFest!

News just in that Rob Raffety's political comedy series CapSouth - which was shot over the summer with me in the role of Congresswoman Gracie Todd Englewright - has been named an official selection at this year's LAWeb Fest!  Naturally I'll be heading out to Los Angeles for the festivities and to connect with film industry friends in the area.

The LAWebFest is the world oldest and largest web series festival in the world. Last year saw entries from 33 states and 19 foreign countries. Workshops, networking, lots of good times. The New Year is already looking up.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An actress needs a little drama

With all the bustle of the holidays - not to mention the need to get out the door this morning to drive to a location shoot - I also have the pleasure of looking forward to appearing locally as Lady Stagg-Mortimer in a staged reading of #NoelCoward's anti-war (WWI) play "Post Mortem." It's one of Coward's lesser known and more vitriolic works, and as such not often staged (as it was here at King's College, Cambridge, in this old photograph.) But it's so good to appear in a drama, even briefly, and to dust off the old British accent.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Remember those who help you along the way

"Lights, Camera, Action!", the local arts & entertainment program hosted by Allison Howard here in the Washington, DC area, has aired Episode 2 and it is now posted to YouTube. The actors I appeared with illustrate the broad range of character types needed for film, television, commercials, etc.  But I also post it here because I think I did a good job of plugging the good people and productions I've been associated with over the years - #RobRaffety, Jonathan and Rick Robinson, #CapSouth, New River Media, #JamesFoley, #HouseofCards, #MollyParker, #MahershalaAli, Think Tank, #EricFelton, #BenWattenberg, and more.

Public appearances are a chance to say "Thank you" to those who help you along the way: directors, writers, producers, actors.  It's a good habit to have.