Thursday, August 7, 2014

Acting Tip: Finding an Agent

Finding actor representation can be tough, especially if you're looking to break into a new market.  You need an agency that has an established presence and a network of relationships so they can actively market you, not just submit you for roles.

Life Coach Dallas Travers has some tips that I think address the difficulties in a very pro-active way.  In a nutshell, here is her 7-Step Plan (See her original post here.):

Step 1: Send an email.  This email should be no more than three sentences, and should be structured as so: Introduction. Credibility. Invitation. Links. So, an example would be, “Hi, my name is …(introduction), and I recently graduated from ….. (credibility). I’m new to the LA (NY, whatever) market and would love to meet to discuss working together (invitation). Please click the link below to see my demo reel (links).” Sign your name, and hit send!

Step 2: Send a mailing.  Five days after your initial email, mail a postcard or one-sheet, whatever piece of marketing you’ve been using. Write the exact same message on this marketing that you wrote in the email.  Warning: Do not mail your demo reel! At this point, it’s unlikely to be seen and will end up just costing you money.

Step 3: Fax a letter. That’s right, you read correctly, I used the word “fax.” This works because most businesses still own fax machines but they’re not frequently used, ensuring that this is a piece of marketing that will get noticed. This should happen five business days after Step 2. Make sure you’re faxing this letter on a text-only one-sheet that looks like letterhead so your name and information is at the top. Then write the same introduction you used in steps 1 and 2, and include any quotes or testimonials that you have in the letter.

Step 4: Do a drop-off. Five days after you send the fax, drop by the office and leave some kind of marketing. You could give them the letter that you faxed, or if you have demos and you can afford to make copies, go ahead and drop off those. Feel free to get as creative as you want. Check out for some fun and inexpensive ideas.

Step 5: Pick up the phone.  Now we’re turning up the volume. Two business days after you do the drop-off, make a phone call. The script is the same as your original letter.

Step 6: Take action. When you complete Step 5, the agency is going to give you some form of resistance. They’ll say something like, “We need an industry referral,” or “We need you to email us your demo reel.” Now your job is to take the action they’ve requested, even if you’ve already done it. Don’t mention that you’ve already given them what they’re asking for because that opens the door for them to respond with, “Great! If we’re interested, we’ll give you a call."

Step 7: Make the final phone call.  Do this two business days after Step 6. Often, you won’t even get to this step because you will already have gotten a meeting or a clear no. This step is your chance to make sure you’ve done everything you can to know where you stand with everyone on your list.

Sounds easy enough. Professional but persistent.  Initial contacts with agencies often have to pass through an intern (yes, it's true). This could do it.

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Friday, August 1, 2014