Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movie scripts, sides, and scene resources online.

My schedule has been jammed lately - a trip to lovely New York for the Columbia University Film Festival, an audition coming up in 10 days, a movie role that didn't work out - but I have time for a quick post. From time to time I need a scene from a film or a movie script for reference. The sites below have movie scripts, monologues, and/or sides that can be downloaded.

Daily Script
Simply Scripts
Why Insanity - Movie Monologues
Actors Pages - Audition Sides
Screenplays Online 
My Zen
Stage Monologue Archive
John Pallotta Studio New York-Sides Database
Beverly Hills Playhouse Audition Scenes Database
The Monologue Database
Actor Point


  1. Thank you for the tip, Kay!
    I needed to find a good site where to find movie scripts for my own daily acting exercises.
    I hope your audition went well!
    And I hope you had fun at the Columbia Film Festival!
    Talk soon!

    1. Hi Jay! The Columbia Film Festival was amazing! Incredibly talented filmmakers. More on that later. I've been off the radar for a few weeks. Now I'm back. Starting rehearsals for a paid gig on stage in the Archibald MacLeish play "J.B." Hope you are well.

  2. How about Princess Bebe?

    Or you can never go wrong with Oscar Wilde:

    Here is the full list:

    Happy Acting, break a leg! From a former Kit Kat Girl & lighting student from Univ. of Maine (30 years ago). Kudos on your new career!!!

    1. Marie, thanks for the tip! I had a terrific group session last evening with acting coach John Pallotta, who has worked with the divine Meryl Streep. Wish I could afford his undivided attention. Wow! But it has me on the prowl for a new monologue, so your links couldn't be more timely. And you were in Cabaret?! That must have been such fun. I wish I had the kind of pipes for singing, but my voice is drifting somewhere between Coral Browne and Lauren Bacall. Well, we use what we have. What are you doing now?