Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Hours into a Four-Hour Trip to New York

Two hours into a four hour trip to New York.  It's raining and getting foggy.  Someone else is driving.  I've got my seatbelt on.

Tonight is the first cast meeting for the film that's shooting in January (hopefully under better weather conditions!) and the focus is on three scenes out of the 90-page screenplay, one of them is one of mine.  I'm being dropped off 11 blocks from my destination and hoping for a break in the weather, otherwise it will be a long and wet schlep with an overnight bag and computer case.

The film is being shot as a kind of documentary - i.e. this tragedy occurred, people are interviewed and asked to tell their version of the how and why, and a mystery is resolved.  An interesting approach and one I've not done before.  I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the cast, especially the actor playing my late husband.  We don't have scenes together, but since I talk about him a great deal in my scenes it will be good to put a face with the name.

My second Stonehenge Audition was posted to YouTube Monday.  Reading David Mamet's Three Uses of the Knife.  Fascinating.

Getting too dark to write.  So far no traffic tie ups.  We may make it in time.